Authorities find another stolen gun

Authorities find another stolen gun

Posted Monday, 2 September 2013

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CLARKSBURG — Law enforcement agencies have recovered another gun that was stolen about a week ago from the Stonewood Police Department — bringing the total number of retrieved weapons to 16, sources say.       

But authorities aren’t entirely sure whether other related firearms remain on the street.       

“We’re still waiting on the Stonewood Police Department to reconcile their records to give us an exact number,” said Dewayne Haddix, resident in charge of the Clarksburg field office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.       

Following the Aug. 26 initial report of the break-in, 10 guns had been recovered within about 24 hours, including pistol grip shotguns and an automatic rifle that had been supplied to the department.                    

Some of the firearms were being kept as evidence.

By Friday afternoon, authorities had accounted for two other weapons and found three others, including a fully automatic M16, Haddix said.

While executing a search warrant later that day in the Broad Oaks section of Clarksburg, law enforcement received enough information to recover a semi-automatic handgun, Haddix added.

While at the Broad Oaks residence, West Virginia State Police troopers arrested Marissa Stire, 26, of Spelter, for giving false information to authorities, according to Greater Harrison County Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force Chairman John Walker.

Walker, who also is Bridgeport’s police chief, said Denaul Dickerson, 25, of Clarksburg, was arrested by the task force for possession of a controlled substance.

After interviewing the two, authorities learned that the semi-automatic handgun was at a different home, Walker added.

The person who possessed that firearm purchased it before knowing it had been stolen, according to Haddix.

Also assisting with that search warrant were the U.S. Marshals Service and the Bridgeport Police Department.

Although authorities are unsure whether additional weapons are missing, the investigation remains ongoing.

“We’re going to pursue all the leads we get,” Haddix said.

Arrested so far on state charges have been Jonathan Isaac Carpenter, 25, of Clarksburg, John Philip Lynch, 42, of Stonewood, and Dominic Sutherlin, 27, of Clarksburg.

Sutherlin is charged with three counts of transferring stolen firearms, and distribution of marijuana, according to Walker.

Lynch and Carpenter are charged with the breaking and entering of the police department, as well as conspiracy